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/// the clever bookworm.

.exceptionally ordinary ///


Basic? Alright. My name is Abigail and I make icons. Icons of anything, but mostly WWE, TNA and sometimes Anime/Manga. I am rather hyperactive so beware.

between drooling over matt hardy and dreaming of lemons and unicorns, i am a super huge dork. not the bad kind of dork but they kind that everyone loves and madly adores(exaggerating? NO!). I make Wrestling Icons and sometimes other icons. I find myself the variety type when I make my icons. It happens. I make layouts to (for an example, look at my journal. ;) Mwah!). I'm a bookworm. Heehee. Reading is fantastic. It expands your mind you know. XD Anyway I hate writing profile things like this so I'm gonna stop here and let you find out everything else by yourself. =]

My Icons posts are always open to everyone. They are never friends only. I do not take requests(but if you want one dont be afraid to ask which I doubt you will be).

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